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One Word

New Year’s Resolutions.

Almost every year, every person makes a resolution to change something. Lose weight, eat great, get healthy, read more, run more, be more present, spend more time with the family. “This year I will…”

One year my resolution was to stop wearing a watch. I was always looking toward the next time I had something to do and wasn’t focused on what I was already doing. I thought that would help. It helped me right into being crowned Queen of CPT. What resolution or resolutions did you make this year? Or did you make none? Because, if we’re being honest, they get readily broken and forgotten long before the year is over. It just becomes too much.

A few years ago, I read a freeing article about not making a resolution (thank you for that permission!) and instead adopt The Word. I’m not talking about the spiritual word, the Bible or religion. This is the one word from which all that you do for one year stems.

Initially, I wasn't sure I could do it. It's incredibly difficult to limit this Chatty Cathy down to just O N E word. Or that it would even work. But I started reflecting on my life at that and realized how easy it was for me to lose hours and even days because I’d get sucked into the things. Binge watching a television series I’ve already seen or dinner with someone I didn’t particularly care to see, or office drinks (every night!) when I really wanted to go to the gym. Not only was I wasting my time, but my money too.

I was my living by habit. So my word for the New Year was Intention. Was I intentionally doing something or was I just going through the motions? That driving direction actually caused a lot of changes that I wouldn’t even had planned. I got rid of cable. But I kept Netflix and then they started that whole “Are you still watching?” nagging thing that helped bring me back to intent in my bingefests. I stopped ordering food because it was easy and started cooking more which, I learned, I actually could do and really enjoy.

Last year’s word was Nourish. Nourishing the mind, body and soul are all different and they may contradict each other (that mac & cheese may not be so good for the body, but it sure soothes the soul!) but they are all necessary things to leading a healthy balanced life. I started questioning if my actions were feeding my growth on any of those levels and if they weren’t, I didn’t need to do them anymore.

This year, after much thinking (which is why I'm a little late and I'm still on CPT), my word is Choice. Following in the footsteps of Intent and Nourish, I will spend this year taking accountability for my actions, or inaction, as a conscious choice. No longer will my subconscious, my habitual being, or The Rules of Living dictate what I do, how I do, when do. You know those Rules, the ones that if you break, it goes on your Permanent Record. Yep, those.  Well, spoiler Alert: There is NO Permanent Record. So I will stop using them as an excuse for what I'm doing with my life. We always have a choice in everything we do. It’s a matter of priority if we do something; then it’s our character that determines how we do something. My first (major) choice of the New Year is to do something that I’ve wanted to do for a long time: start a blog.


Too often, we say “There isn’t enough time” or “I ran out of hours.”  Well time isn’t going to change. We’re not going to suddenly wake up one day and find we have an extra hour every day. But this year in particular, we do have an extra day (Oh hey, Leap Year!) and so we have been given an extra 24 hours this year.

How will you choose to spend them? 

Yeah, That Kind of Rich

Yeah, That Kind of Rich