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New Year... New Chapter

When was the last time you did something brand spanking new? 

For me, it was over ten years ago. When it came time to graduate college and I had a massive panic attack during the LSATs, I knew I couldn't go to law school. Which left me with the massive black hole of a future. What do I do now?! And with that, I decided to study interior design. 

Since then, I've moved to a new state but as a military brat (Aim High Air Force!) that's not really new. As a freelancer/independent contractor, I have started multiple new jobs. But again, not really new. New romances, friendships, diets, workouts blah blah blah. Same stuff, different day.

Nope, the last time I truly did something new was when I started interior design. No art training and no concept of "design" beyond Trading Spaces, I applied to only one graduate program, was accepted and started classes in roughly a 6 month span. And since then, every 'new' thing has been some sort of hip-hop sample of an oldie but goodie, remixed to sound current and fresh. 

Until this...



And the fear was... okay, is... paralyzing. I was so frightened taking the plunge that I didn't even want to send the above announcement out. To everyone in my contacts. Over 1000 of them. Citi Habitats veterans kept saying how important it is to let people know, referrals are key. But all I could hear was, "Tell everyone so when you fail, they'll see it." 

As I sat frozen in front of my computer, mouse hovered over the send button in the email, I remembered the one piece of advice that propelled me down this path and led me to choose Citi Habitats as my affiliation: "You're going to be brand new. You're not going to be good. So just be proud." 

And with that, I let my old world know... and opened myself to a world of brand new. And for that, I'm very proud. 

Yeah, That Kind of Rich

Yeah, That Kind of Rich