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Yeah, That Kind of Rich

Yeah, That Kind of Rich

Have you been feeling sweaty, clammy hands, heart palpitations, visions of GulfStream jets and private island vacations that last a month floating through your brain? You may be suffering from Powerball Fever. I'm sorry to say there is no cure. Well, the cure is worse than the disease. Losing the 1.5 billion dollar jackpot is really the only cure. And if that happened to you, man, that sucked and it could be really really painful.  

Maybe you're one of the unbelievably lucky 3 people who got all 5 numbers plus the PowerBall. Or maybe you're one of the many who got just enough right to score a measly million (Psh, like that gets you anywhere these days... but if you need help spending any of it, visit my contact page and drop me a line). But if you're not any of those people, let's talk about another way to strike it rich. 

Well... richer. 

Okay so I know this is a design/real estate blog but really, something you should know about me is that I’m a rebel. Yep. Me and Jimmy Dean. I can call him Jimmy because we're that close. But I digress, this post here is outside the interiors realm per se. For three years now, I have done the 52 Week Money Challenge.

It’s really quite simple: once a week, you save the dollar amount equivalent to the week of the year it is. The first week of the year, $1 gets saved. The second week, is $2, and so on. I have a separate bank account setup and every Friday, money is automatically transferred from my main account to my savings account. At the end of the first year, I had over $1300. Holy cow! Just like that! I didn’t even realize I was saving. It can hurt like getting your eyebrows threaded to sock away $100 a month at one time but, $1 one week, $20 another? Not nearly as painful, more like the nick you might get from shaving.  Okay, granted, it’s nicking yourself every week... for a year... but come on, you heal quickly.

After the first year, I decided I would put any little money I found (a $5 bill in a purse, sweet) into that account, in addition to the weekly deposits and ended the year with $1668.62. JACKPOT!

As of today, we’re only 2 week into 2016 and it’s definitely not too late start. And hey, at the end of the year you could totally put that money toward some cute design something, :::she says trying to connect this to design in some far-fetched way:::. Or you could just use it to buy a whole bunch of PowerBall tickets and pray. Either way, let me know how it turns out for you!

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