When was the last time you did something brand spanking new? 

For me, it was over ten years ago. When it came time to graduate college and I had a massive panic attack during the LSATs, I knew I couldn't go to law school. Which left me with the massive black hole of a future. What do I do now?! And with that, I decided to study interior design. 

Yeah, That Kind of Rich

How to Save, the Lazy Gal Way

Have you been feeling sweaty, clammy hands, heart palpitations, visions of GulfStream jets and private island vacations that last a month floating through your brain? You may be suffering from Powerball Fever. I'm sorry to say there is no cure. Well, the cure is worse than the disease.

One Word: A new take on the traditional New Year's Resolution. 

New Year’s Resolutions.

Almost every year, every person makes a resolution to change something. Lose weight, eat great, get healthy, read more, run more, be more present, spend more time with the family. “This year I will…”